cinema_movie Tool

cinema_movie is a tool to create a movie from a Cinema database (CDB).


Minimum Requirements are:

  • Python 3.7
  • pyyaml, pandas, numpy, opencv-python


simple_movie - main program
movie.yaml - control file
cmovie - movie production module

The simple_movie script takes in a Cinema database (CDB) and creates a movie based on the primary frame variable within the CDB. Control is through a human-readable YAML configuration file. Cinema_movie can be used to create a movie over time for a single static view as defined in the movie.yaml file. The cmovie module contains the functions needed to create the movie.

Control Parameters: movie.yaml

The yaml control file is used to point to the database and define the parameters to make the movie.

Path and database information

cdb_path : ./data/
cdb_name : example_data.cdb

Output movie information

frame_rate : 5.0         # number of frames per second
movie_name : cinema.mp4  # name of output movie

Variables to define images and static view used in the movie

frame_var   : time        # primary control variable along which movie is made; typically time
FILE_choice : FILE        # which FILE* column of images to use in making movie
views :
  phi   : -90
  theta : 0

There are error checks on the path and database name and to verify the database columns that will be used in the movie. If there are no images found that satisfy the requested movie parameters, a warning message will print.


Edit the movie.yaml file to point to the CDB, adjust the name of the output movie, choose movie frame rate and the variable along which to make the movie. Edit the views variable to define the single static view that will be used. Edit the FILE variable if using a different FILE column of images.

Make a movie by running the script:

$ ./simple_movie