cinema_movie Tool

cinema_movie is a tool to create a movie from a Cinema database (CDB). This is a new functionality currently under development. Updates on this documentation page may not completely reflect current capabilities. For the latest information on cinema_movie, please check out the README the cinema_movie GitHub page.


Minimum Requirements are:

  • Python 3.7
  • pandas, numpy, opencv-python


cinema_movie - main program
cmovie - movie production module

The cinema_movie script takes in a Cinema database (CDB) and creates a movie based on the set of frames described in the frames.csv control file. The cmovie module contains the functions needed to create the movie.

Command Line Control Parameters

A series of command line arguments can be used to modify the functionality of cinema_movie:

cdb:    Set input path and Cinema database name (default: ./data/example_data.cdb)
frames: Set input csv file name to choose views in the movie; assumes path is cdb (default: ./data/example_data.cdb/frames.csv)
FILE:   Set the image column used from the CDB (default: FILE)
fps:    Set the frame rate for the movie (default: 5 fps)
opath:  Set/creates path to output movie (default: ./)
movie:  Set output movie name (default: cinema.mp4)

There are error checks on the path and database name and to verify the database columns that will be used in the movie. If there are no images found that satisfy the requested movie parameters, a warning message will print.


Make a movie by running the script with any modified arguments. Examples of usage

$ ./cinema_movie
$ ./cinema_movie --cdb ./tmp/my_cdb.cdb --fps 10 --movie mymovie.mp4