Cinemasci Python Toolkit

cinemasci is a set of python tools for reading, writing and viewing Cinema databases


Minimum Requirements are:

  • Python 3.7 or above

This project uses coding standards spelled out in PEP8.


The cinemasci module is available on the CinemaScience GitHub: at cinemasci. It can be installed in multiple ways.

Clone the repository:

$ git clone --recurse-submodules


$ git clone
$ cd cinemasci
$ git submodule init
$ git submodule update

Alternately, the latest release of this module is available on, and can be installed with pip:

$ pip install cinemasci

Or it can be installed locally from source using the file.

Cinemasci submodules

The cinemasci submodules are used for common Cinema tasks:

  • cdb: Tools for reading, writing and manipulating a cinema database.
  • cis: Tools for reading, writing and manipulating composable image sets.
  • pynb: A Jupyter notebook viewer for simple databases.
  • server: A simple server to help view databases, using the viewers submodule.
  • viewers: Viewers (submodule)

Please see the cinemasci tutorial, Tutorial: Cinemasci, for examples of using Cinemasci functionality.