CinemaScience Algorithms, Libraries, and ToolsΒΆ

CinemaScience includes algorithms, code libraries, and tools to facilitate analysis in situ and postprocessing, available on the CinemaScience GitHub page. The Cinema algorithm, library, and tool projects include:

  • cinema_change_detection A R command line tool that takes as input a Cinema database and produces a new Cinema database with change detection results using Myers et al. This tool also produces a change detection png image and json file to be used with Cinema:Newsfeed.
  • cinema_asqlpy An apsw/SQLite virtual table interface to Cinema Spec A databases.
  • cvlib A Cinema Viewer library which provides a JavaScript API to Spec A Cinema databases for visualization in the browser.
  • cvlibd A Javascript framework to facilitate development of viewer applications for Spec D Cinema databases in the browser.
  • cinema_lib Python 3.6 library and command line tool for Cinema specifications A and D.
  • cinema_components A javascript library containing prebuilt components for viewing and querying Cinema SpecD databases.