Tutorial: Other Useful information

Converting Spec A to Spec D databases

It is necessary at times to convert a Spec A to a Spec D Cinema database (CDB). As of this writing, ParaView v5.6 exports Spec A CDBs (this will be updated to a Spec D export wizard in ParaView v5.7). Or you may have an older CDB that needs to be updated.

The cinema_lib library can be used to upgrade a Spec A CDB. Follow the instructions for downloading and installing from the cinema_lib Github page or see cinema_lib Library. Included in that download is a upgrade_cinema_database script:


Simply run the upgrade_cinema_database script giving the path to your Spec A database. This will result in the generation of a Spec D compliant data.csv file. Once converted, the Spec D CDB can be viewed with your favorite Cinema viewer, CinemaScience Viewers.

$ upgrade_cinema_database /path_to_database/database_name.cdb

The CinemaScience GitHub page and the CinemaScience website are useful sources for more information and ideas.