CinemaScience Specifications

A Cinema database is a collection of data abstracts that can be accessed for visualization or interactive data exploration via a viewer application.

Current Specification: Spec D

With the latest Cinema release v1.3, Cinema has converged on a single specification, Spec D, that incorporates the flexibility and functionality of previous releases while expanding the Cinema data specifications. Official Release Notes are available on the CinemaScience GitHub page.

  • Dietrich (Spec D) : This updated specification includes multiple files per database entry and arbitrary data. It has a suite of flexible viewers and view components for a wide range of analysis approaches.

The workflow tutorial, Tutorial: Cinema Workflows, provides detailed ways to produce Cinema databases.

Deprecated Specifications: A & C

These specifications are no longer supported.

  • Astaire (Spec A) : This was a basic embodiment of the original Cinema image-based approach. It includes both static and spherical cameras, and includes the capability to turn elements on and off as detailed in the SC paper. The resulting Spec A database is a colormapped visualization that can be viewed interactively with a standalone application viewer.
  • Chaplin (Spec C) : This specification included mobile cameras, floating point images, and data abstracts, and the ability to change and apply colormaps.