In Situ via ParaView Catalyst

ParaView’s in situ Catalyst library can be used to output Cinema Spec D databases. Within ParaView, load the data and create the visualization you wish to generate in situ.

If the Export Inspector view is not already opened, it can be opened from either the View menu by selecting Export Inspector or from the Catalyst menu by selecting Define Exports. Set up the Cinema database export as described in the post-processing Cinema ParaView workflow, Post-Processing via ParaView 5.7 Export Inspector

  • Under Image Extracts, make sure the correct view is selected.
  • Select Cinema image database (*.cdb) and click the checkbox to the right to establish that option.
  • Open the ellipses menu to the right of the checkbox to select the Cinema database options via the Save Screenshot menu.
  • Under Root Directory, add the complete path and output database name: /<path-to-cdb>/test.cdb.
  • From the ParaView Catalyst menu, select Export Catalyst Script and enter a location and name for the exported python script. The exported script can be edited to fine-tune as needed. This script can then be integrated into an in situ pipeline.

The ParaView Python Documentation is an excellent source of information on how to create a Catalyst pipeline.