Cinema Image Set SpecificationΒΆ

The Cinema Image Set (CIS) specification extends the Spec D specification to enable explorable image functionality. A CIS database is a logical collection of related images or elements. A single CIS image is generated by coloring and compositing a set of elements within the CIS database file. The results of the coloring and compositing steps are dependent upon the information contained in the CIS file, choices by the user, and the capabilities of the consumer application (e.g., a Cinema viewer).

Fig. 2 illustrates how multiple layers of a CIS file can be composited into different final images.

A full description for the CIS Specification can be found in the CinemaScience GitHub. Please see the CIS specification for up-to-date information and examples.

An example of coloring and compositing elements from a CIS databasae

Fig. 2 Diagram of layers and possible composited images. Layers can be combined together in many ways, depending upon the information that is included, as well as the capabilities of the consumer of the data.